The Plan

Blueprint Jonesboro builds on the valuable efforts of previous plans, including the 2003 Livable Centers Initiative Plan and the 2015 Jonesboro Comprehensive Plan.  Each chapter of the Blueprint Jonesboro draft plan is shown below and is based on the detailed input and work of Jonesboro’s citizens.

  • Chapter 1: Existing Conditions
    This chapter details existing historic resources, zoning, market conditions, and other factors that shape this plan and will shape Jonesboro’s future.
  • Chapter 2: What We Heard
    Community involvement was a big part of the Blueprint Jonesboro process.  Learn more about the engagement process here.
  • Chapter 3: Recommendations
    This is the key part of the plan, which puts forth a vision for the future of downtown, including new businesses, housing, sidewalks, and more!
  • Chapter 4: Implementation
    How will the plan come to fruition?  Who will pay for implementation and when will each item happen?  This chapter has all the details on these questions and more.